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Breathing Space, formally known as the Debt Respite Scheme, is a UK government initiative designed to provide temporary relief for individuals struggling with debt. The scheme offers protection from creditor enforcement actions, interest, and fees for a specified period, allowing debtors to seek professional debt advice and create a feasible repayment plan. Breathing Space comes in two forms:

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  1. Standard Breathing Space: This offers 60 days of protection from creditor actions, during which the individual can work with a debt advisor to develop a repayment plan.
  2. Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space: This provides the same protection as the standard scheme but is tailored for individuals undergoing mental health crisis treatment. The protection lasts for the duration of the treatment and an additional 30 days after the treatment ends.

The Breathing Space scheme is aimed at helping people address their debt issues and find a sustainable way to manage their financial obligations.

What Debts Can Breathing Space Help With?

Breathing Space can help with a wide range of debts, offering temporary relief for individuals facing financial difficulties. The scheme typically covers the following types of debts:
  1. Credit cards
  2. Personal loans
  3. Overdrafts
  4. Utility bill arrears (gas, electricity, and water)
  5. Rent arrears
  6. Mortgage or secured loan arrears
  7. Council tax arrears
  8. Benefit overpayments
  9. Income tax, National Insurance, and VAT arrears
  10. Hire purchase or conditional sale agreements
  11. Guarantor loans
  12. Store cards
  13. Catalogue debts
  14. Payday loans
  15. Doorstep loans
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